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June 18th 2011

Top Techniques to Picking up Attractive Women

When it comes to the top techniques to picking up attractive women there are only a couple of things to keep in mind. If you are a person that wants to hook up with attractive women, then you may find it difficult to approach them and even harder to pick them up. This is why you will need to work on a few things before you will be able to be successful in picking up women that are exceptionally beautiful.

Be Confident

If you are not confident, then it is going to be that much harder to find women that will want to date you. It will be nearly impossible to find attractive women that will want to date you unless you ooze confidence. A woman wants to be with a man that knows that he is attractive and worth getting to know. If the man is unsure about whether or not she should waste her time with him, then chances are she is not going to.

How to Treat Her

It is important that you treat her in a way that is not going to give her the ability to take you for granted or walk all over you. This basically means that you need to walk up to her and treat her like you would any other woman that is in the room. As soon as you approach her and forget how beautiful she is and just talk to her like she is an everyday looking girl, she will have more respect for you and have more interest.

February 11th 2011

Why Having Sex with Experienced Men Can Be Better

A lot of people find themselves wondering why having sex with experienced men can be better. If you are a person that is inexperienced or simply has a lot to learn, then you will be able to figure out a lot about yourself and the human body in general whenever you get with a man that is experienced in the bedroom. Just be sure that you understand how to take mental notes and learn as well.

They Know What They Are Doing

When you have somebody that knows what they are doing they will be able to help you enjoy yourself a lot more. A person that is experienced knows what they like and what can get them off quickly and easily. This means that they can spend more time focused on you. They can learn what you like and dislike a lot more easily than a person that is more focused on their self and what they need to do to get off.

You Can Learn From Them

You can actually learn a lot from a person that is experienced in bed. You will find that whenever you have sex with a person that knows what they are doing you will actually learn more about what you like and dislike through them. Having sex with an experienced man can help you to understand what you like men to do while they are having sex with you. Over time, you can actually become the teacher to the next man that comes along.